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Almost two weeks in to my digital sound course. Here is one of my projects so far: use sound effects to create a story without talking.

Part of this sounds a bit like sex; it's actually a bowling bag being zipped up, followed by footsteps on carpet. However, I think sex happens soon after the track is finished.


I bought The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron a long time ago. I didn't finish reading it. I don't remember the part that I had started, either; it was during the double toddler times. However, I feel like I'm following an artist's way. My art of choice is improv.

This past year has been a bit of a weird one. The challenges felt more advanced, past "say yes" and "listen". They became more seriouser, like feel the other person and have your own objective. I don't actually know if anybody ever said those exact words in a class. They sound like something somebody might have said. I sound terribly unprepared for and idiotically ill informed about my main creative outlet, but after this year, I feel like: that's the point. You just have to work your muscle out regularly and when it comes time to flex it, you know it'll be impressive, or at least not what I think is the worst comedy fail to recover from, boring.

I still feel like a bit of an asshole when I say I'm an improviser. I don't think I say it much. It doesn't feel completely natural. I can look at it objectively and examine the facts and yes, I have been on stage in front of people I don't know, making up a story as part of an ensemble. I was in a small group that had met for 3 hours a week since September, and we used our imaginations together to spontaneously create live theatre with a comedic bent in front of an audience. We did that maybe 10-12 times. I'm not figuring this out accurately but my calculator is showing me 240 minutes. That's 4 hours, man. Put together it's a Peter Jackson extended cut. So, I have done this, but for some reason it's really hard to own it fully. Maybe that's my style, though. It's the way I enter a pool. I'm the slowest at it. However, I'm always the last to leave. I don't know if that's true. I haven't been in a pool in a while, like maybe 5 years. I really hate how cold they are, probably because I drag out the unpleasantness for so long when it comes to entering them. 

I found the latest episode of Improv Vs Metaphor  to be really interesting (no. 18, I think, though they are reverse ordered so 18 from the bottom). I was only in the room for the first few minutes of Jason's interview, so there was a lot that was new to me. I kinda feel like I'm committed to improv and living with her (oh yeah my Improv is a she) but knowing and trusting that she has my heart should be enough for her, right? We don't need a piece of paper, a label, to tell us that we're together. Hmmm, but I think my aim this summer will be to fully marry her. We can then be newlyweds next year and have a baby when the ratings start to sag.

Next year -if I'm asked back, or even if I'm not I know I'll be doing improv somewhere, even if I have to pay to be in a class to do it- will be great. I'm excited for the potential energy to build and then explode into kinetic once the fall rolls in. This summer I will focus on my digital sound class and learn it all, even though I'm feeling a teeny tiny bit scared and uncomfortable as the start date approaches. However, as of August 22 I will have a skill, and that ain't nothin'. It's a something, it's a way, and I'm gonna follow it.

PS- the last show week was great. Lots of fun and good moments for everybody. I just never said.


WOW! Show Week is baaaaaack. For the next 4 nights I'll be improvising on stage in front of people! So exciting!

Last night was a practice and we performed two Harolds. My energy is back, baby. The air is clear and crackling with electricity. I'm ready for this.

If you're in Calgary, come to a show. You will like it! Find them here on the Kinkonauts website or on facebook. Also, "like" the group on facebook, no matter where you're from.

We also recorded a batch of podcast episodes over the weekend in our studio (I say "we", but it's not "ours", and also Michael does all the work... so far, until I take my digital sound course this summer). I got to co-host one of them, which had my hubs as the guest, to be released in 7-8 weeks) But this week's episode has a very special guest, Shannon Manning, brought in all the way from Magnet Theatre in New York City to perform with the mainstage Kinkonauts and to bring her Beauty Love Truth show here on Saturday night. New York City!?!?!?! Get it here or on iTunes. Subscribe! They get stuff! I think!

Aw man. I'm going running RIGHT FUCKING NOW. See you at the theatre.


Every time I blog about anything political or ideological, or ideologically political, I spend the next few days tearing apart what I said, to the extent that I feel like a big dumb flake. Exhibit A: how I said anarchy might be a good idea.

I'm not an anarchist. Less than a year after I was exposed to Ayn Rand and read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and found that I agree with a lot of what Objectivism says, the whackjob Tea Party reared its head in the States and showed the unpleasant extreme of what can happen when you take the idea too far (though, I still think they're not doing it right- pure objectivism could be great, though it would prob only work with the absences of greed, negative ego traits such as jealousy, and religion). A few days after I thought about the pros of anarchy, some other whackjobs in Vegas killed some people. They belonged to a cultish group that called themselves anarchists. Actually, they got kicked out of that group. People break existing rules so easily as it is, if the rules go away, those people would just be free to be monsters in the light of day.

I'm just a boring ol' housewife on the prairies, what do I know? I really need to school myself about this stuff and find out what I think, before I spew out more opinion rants. I'm so sick of reading articles written by journalists who aren't much smarter than the idiots who comment on them. I want to shake my cane in the air for a solid reason and be able to back myself and my views up, not just get flustered over trendy click-bait issues put out to distract from the bigger, more harmful ones... Real issues, like PUT MATLOCK BACK ON THE AIR

archy breaky heart

I think a lot of seemingly completely different "problems" in "society" can be "boiled down" to relatively few "common" "elements". And I think one of these common elements is encapsulated in the suffix -archy.

Archy means "rule", basically. A single person or a group of people telling everybody else in the population (be they members of a smaller group or the citizens of an entire country, or all members of a particular sex) what is right.

I can't even think of a word ending in archy that I like. Even matriarchy. You think the patriarchy should be torn down and replaced with matriarchy, and that would usher in gender equality, fairness and world peace? Nope. Unpossible. Climbing the rungs of any hierarchical structure means increased power of whatever sort, and once you have power over any other person, you are corrupt. Women are humans, and I wouldn't feel (much) safer with a group of elder women deciding what is right for me than a group of men. Of course, if I was forced to choose I would go with the ladies because I feel like my vag would at least give me some sort of biological advantage.

What got me thinking about this today? Rihanna. I read articles and comments by "feminists" lauding her for wearing a see-through gown that exposed her breasts, for taking a stand and giving the finger to rape culture, for showing everybody that even in her almost nakedness it is not allowed to objectify her. I read articles and comments by "feminists" decrying her lack of self-confidence, her self-worth that must be so low that she must feel that the only way people will like her is to show her tits. All of the authors, of articles and comments alike, knew what was right or wrong about Rihanna's dress. Also, an interesting thing happened: it brought together those who support female modesty on the basis of their patriarchal religion with those who share a feminist belief that women who dress in revealing ways are giving away their power, and that they should stop sending this message to young girls. Both groups share the belief that what Rihanna wore was wrong. Different reasoning, but leading to the same conclusion.

Nobody has the ability to know why Rihanna wore that dress except for Rihanna. It is a fact that she wore it. It's a fact that she had the right to wear it, because she's not sitting in jail right now because of it. She didn't break a law. So, everybody who has an opinion about whether the dress was right or wrong, good or evil, pro-feminist or anti-feminist, it's irrelevant. The dress happened, and no matter how anybody reacts to it, it will remain having happened. 

Archy is something deeply entrenched in humanity, and we need to cast it off with religion. We need to ditch the idea of role models and to stop looking upwards for what is right. We need to stop feeling like we have to set others straight when they do something that doesn't harm us, but that we don't personally like. We need to stop vomiting out rules, because rules beget more rules. KISS when it comes to rules. Don't harm. That one covers it all, doesn't it? Lying, stealing, objectifying, corrupting, raping, murdering. Isn't it enough? Probably not. Even that one single, simple rule opens itself to endless "but what ifs" if you think about it for more than 5 seconds. The lawyers start arguing about what the true definition of "harm" is.

Anarchy. An = "not". Archy = "rule". Does this mean I'm an anarchist? Hmmm, I'm not sure, because a world with absolutely no rules feels a little bit Mad Max or Walking Dead. I think it would be good to relax a little when it comes to getting upset over the legal actions of others. "Don't Look, Don't Fret"


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